Sonia Salas


Sonia’s passion for delivering messages to her community started with the Hispanic Media Initiative at UTA. The current Communications and Media Specialist for Univision-Dallas, Sonia credits the hands-on experience she received at UTA for helping her achieve her goal of working in the Dallas market. 

“This program is ideal to get hands on experience,” says Salas. Upon joining UTA News en Español her junior year, Sonia was able to take her classroom education and get the real hands on experience that she needed to build her skillset. Sonia gained experience in almost all the facets of broadcast media, from being behind the camera to being in front of the camera, and even to working with audio and technical production. Sonia’s big picture image of the industry gave her the tools she needed to succeed.

Through her classroom education and work experience, Sonia has also picked up a great deal of interest in writing and creative initiatives, an interest that resulted in three Lonestar Emmys for her work with Univision-Dallas. She is an illustration of the great things that UTA alumni are accomplishing, and it all started with HMI.


Arian Hernandez




Arian Hernandez is a clear example of what happens when a student takes advantage of all that the Hispanic Media Initiative offers you. Arian, when attending UTA, was the technical director for UTA News En Español, UTA’s Spanish language news production. He helped build UTA News en Español what it is today – an initiative to cement Hispanic presence in the media communications world. Arian received his Bachelors in Broadcasting Communications and a minor in Business in 2015, adding up to an impressive combination of education and experience. He is now the Technical Director for the Automated Production Center at Telemundo-Denver.

Vladimir Flores




Vladimir Flores first found success in television news broadcasting through the help of the UTA Hispanic Media Initiative. It was through the experiential learning process of the program that he was able to become one of the best young professionals in the broadcast media industry. Since graduating from UTA in 2015, Vladimir has received two Lone Star EMMYS as a digital producer at Telemundo-Dallas. He currently works as producer and reporter at Univision-San Antonio.