Hispanic Media Audiovisual Pillar

The Hispanic Media Audiovisual program immerses students in production broadcast news. Gaining hands-on experience both in front of and behind the camera, students have the opportunity to work with A/V equipment found in most professional broadcast stations and use industry best practices to produce UTA News En Español (UTANE). UTANE is consistently recognized as a leading-edge, inclusive media broadcast and reaches universities across the country and more than 40,000 regional households.

Hispanic Media Exchange Pillar

Great ideas take shape when students who share the same passion come together and discuss current topics in their field. The Hispanic Media Exchange was created to do exactly that. It serves as host to students from UTA, the University of North Texas, University of Florida, University of Javeriana - Bogota, Colombia, and many more as they exchange ideas related to media, journalism, communications, and cultural inclusion. The goal of the exchange is to build collaborative partnerships to form unique perspectives on Hispanic media and develop professional skills that encourage team-building approaches.

Hispanic Media Research Pillar

Encouraging research at the undergraduate level, the Hispanic Media Research pillar fosters an environment of inquiry and sharpens students' ability to pursue journalistic research. All members in this group develop specific research projects by drawing on current quantitative data and literature to study and offer solutions for real world problems revolving around multicultural journalism. The end goal of each research project is publication. Past projects have included themes involving Spanish-language media training, journalist job satisfaction, and the Colombian Freedom of Information Act.

Hispanic Media Partnerships Pillar

Students gain invaluable access to resources and experiences through the Hispanic Media Partnership. A network of industry leading media outlets, professional organizations, and other academic institutions, the Hispanic Media Partnership allows students to see real-life applications of the theories and practices they learn in the classroom. Relationships with companies and organizations such as Ford Motor Company, Broadcast Education Association, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Ross Video, Univision, and Telemundo give students a chance to develop highly desireable professional skills that make them very competitive when entering the workforce.

Hispanic Media Alumni Pillar

HMI has an impressive 100% graduation rate, with alumni successfully positioning themselves as media professionals in markets across the country. The Hispanic Media Alumni Pillar, or HireUs, creates networking opportunities between HMI participants, both past and present, and industry representatives to facilitate the hiring process and to expose students to industry expectations for incoming professionals.