Corporate and Foundation Relations

James T. Shea
Sr. Director of Corporate Relations – 817.272.5184

Kima Jude
Director of Foundation Relations – 817.272.2228

Jeff Serrano
Director of Corporate Relations - 817.272.6495



The University of Texas at Arlington engages companies with a holistic, mutually beneficial strategy that seeks to improve both partners. If you have questions regarding corporate funding or partnerships, please send an email to and a member of the corporate and foundations relations team will contact you in three business days.


Working within UT Arlington’s Office of Development and Alumni Relations, Foundation Relations helps to secure funding for various programs and projects at UT Arlington from private foundations. The Foundation Relations team is always happy to learn more about the project, program or research for which you seek funding.  Our involvement ranges considerably, and is often dictated by the needs of the faculty or the degree to which the program is deemed a priority by the president, provost, or dean. We aim to offer a realistic assessment of its chances of being funded by a particular private foundation, based on a number of factors, to maximize your chances for success. 


Click HERE to see a list of local, regional, and national foundations where the university maintains key relationships. All proposals submitted to these foundations should be vetted through Foundation Relations to ensure they honor the university’s established partnership. If a UTA staff or faculty member intends to submit for a limited submission program not on this list, contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at to secure authorization to submit on behalf of The University of Texas at Arlington. 

Note:  Limited submission is defined by the funder allowing only a limited number of applications per institution within a given timeframe or the university has a strategic, on-going relationship with the foundation.

Next steps:

1) Please fill out the (1) proposal request form, (2) budget and 3) pre-submission checklist and submit them to

2) The Office of Development and Alumni Relations will review your documents within 7 to 10 business days and,

A. If additional questions remain, you may be asked to clarify key components

B. Staff from the Office of Development and Alumni Relations may reach out to a key contact at the Foundation to determine if the proposal is a fit and may ask you, the PI/Project Director, to participate in the phone call

3) Staff from the Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) team will notify you of the decision and provide support to you moving forward.

Note:  For all grants that have a specific application deadline and more than one proposal request form is received, the limited submission guidelines currently used through the Office of Research will be followed.