More than 75 percent of our students report being employed during the school year, with almost 20 percent working 40 or more hours per week. Yet they consistently receive national recognition for academic excellence and find time to volunteer more than 400,000 hours in the community each year.

Your annual gifts provide these deserving scholars with opportunities to succeed academically, earn their degrees, and become accomplished professionals in their chosen fields. Help dedicated Mavericks achieve greatness by making a gift today.



Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Major: Flim

Classification: Senior

Notable: He was one of 50 students nationwide selected to participate in a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. As part of the venture, he produced 50 Years, a documentary focused on the Freedom Rides.

Career Plans: To become a filmmaker

“My professors have proved to be invaluable mentors in ways that I’m not sure I can articulate. To succeed in this agonizing craft, you need to be surrounded by people who will be honest about your work and who will push you past your limits.”




Hometown: Hyderabad, India

Major: Finance

Graduated: Spring 2014

Involvement: Student Congress- president, Leadership Center-student director, National Society for Leadership and Success-president

Career Plans: To work in public administration or city planning

Scholarships: Frank Lamas Leadership Scholarship, Maverick Promise

“The scholarships and grants I received helped me in two specific ways: financial assistance and flexibility, and peace of mind. Having scholarships and grants afforded me the extra time to develop my interpersonal and leadership skills. These are the skills I hold in the same or in a higher regard than the actual degree I graduated with in May.”



Hometown: Brooklyn, New York/Accra, Ghana

Major: Exercise Science (Pre-Med)

Graduated: Spring 2014

Involvement: Honors College advocate, African Student Organization-past president, Multicultural Affairs-leadership development intern, UTA HOST, Maverick Marauders, Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity

Career Plans: To become a doctor

Scholarships: Wayne Duke Outstanding Student Leader Scholarship, Honors College Undergraduate Research Assistantship, African American Alumni Association Scholarship, Freshman Honors Scholarship, Academic Enhancement Scholarship

“My scholarships have helped me with housing and tuition, and without them my college experience may have been completely different. I am a firm believer in giving back, which is the main reason alumni should support scholarships. Many of the fortunes we receive following graduation are largely due to our time at the University.”



Hometown: Montgomery, Texas

Major: Architecture

Classification: Sophomore

Expected Graduation: Spring 2016

Involvement: American Institute of Architecture Students, Leadership Honors Program

Career Plans: To own her own firm and work internationally in commercial architecture

Scholarships: Maverick Leadership Scholarship, President’s Charter Scholarship

“My scholarships allow me to completely focus on my education without having to get a job to help pay for tuition and living expenses. I see many full-time students with jobs, and their health definitely is affected because of lack of sleep, proper nutrition, and activity level. Without the help of scholarships, the stress of being an architecture student would dramatically increase.”



Hometown: Amarillo, Texas

Area of Study: Aerospace Engineering

Graduated: Spring 2014

Notable: Internship at NASA Langley Research Center, graduate researcher at UT Arlington’s Aerospace Vehicle Design Lab

Career Plans: To help plan and design the next generation of air and space vehicles

Fellowships: NASA Texas Space Grant Consortium Graduate Fellowship, Carrizo Oil & Gas Graduate Research Fellowship

“The fellowships and assistantships I’ve been awarded have allowed me to completely dedicate myself to growing my skills as an engineer. By providing graduate students with sustainable support, alumni solidify the fact that to succeed as an individual and a society, lifelong learning and higher education are required investments. I can’t thank UTA and its funding base enough for investing in my future. I’m confident that my career—made possible by this opportunity—will return its value to society and then some.”



Hometown: Midland, Texas

Area of Study: English Ph.D. candidate

Expected Graduation: Spring 2016

Notable: Her research at Yale University led to the discovery of an unknown poem by slave Jupiter Hammon.

Career Plans: To be a professor at a college or university

Scholarships: Enhanced Graduate Teaching Assistant Fellowship

“Supporting fellowships/scholarships provides students such as myself with the opportunity to pursue their education and conduct important research without taking on unsupportable financial burdens. I would not have been able to attend UTA without the fellowship I was awarded.”




Hometown: DeSoto, Texas

Major: Nursing

Graduated: Spring 2015

Future Plans: To pursue a master’s degree in nursing and become a nurse practitioner

Scholarships: Dream Maker’s Scholarship

“My scholarship has helped me bridge the financial gap between school and family. It has allowed me to devote my full attention to being a student without having to get a job. It’s important to invest in the future. We are the nurses of the future, and scholarships like these help make our dreams a reality.”




Hometown: Saigon, Vietnam

Area of Study: Biology

Graduated: Spring 2014

Involvement: College of Science Ambassador, McNair Scholar, HOPE tutor, Mission Arlington Clinic volunteer

Career Plans: To become a doctor

Scholarships: Top 10 Percent Award, Freshman Honors Scholarship, Academic Enhancement Scholarship, Coordinating Board Top 10 Percent Scholarship, SOAR McNair Scholarship

“My scholarships helped reduce the financial burden and stress experienced by my family and me. They allowed me to focus on school and gave me motivation to finish my degree. I think it’s important that alumni support scholarships since they are given to deserving students who are striving for great things but often struggle with financial issues that would otherwise disrupt their studies.”




Hometown: St. Johns, Grenada

Area of Study: Master of Social Work graduate

Graduated: Spring 2015

Involvement: University Catholic Center, Phi Alpha Honor Society, Habitat for Humanity volunteer, Children’s First Counseling Center intern

Career Plans: To become a licensed clinical social worker and operate her own private practice

Scholarships: Good Neighbor Scholarship, Ronald T. Page Memorial Scholarship

“Without help from people who see the need to give back and how important it is to help fund a student’s education, many students would not have the drive or means to complete their degrees. I am a humble recipient of such generosity. Scholarships enable us to attain our dreams of receiving a degree and serve as motivation to our cause and our careers. They provide the extra fuel that keeps us excelling. Achieving is a wonderful feeling, and it can have a ripple effect.”



Hometown: Boise, Idaho/Houston, Texas

Area of Study: Master of Arts in Urban Affairs student

Graduated: Spring 2015

Notable: Leads a diabetes prevention campaign in conjunction with Mission Arlington

Career Plans: To train nonprofits in practices that will help them achieve their goals

Scholarships: Maverick All-Texas Academic Team Scholarship

“The scholarship I received made the difference between me settling for an associate’s degree and being able to continue my education. I’ve been able to achieve far more than I ever dreamed, and I hope to use the knowledge I now have to help others achieve their dreams. Scholarships allow those with ambition, but no resources, to reach their goals.”


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