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Director** - $5,000/year ($416.67/month) Our most generous donors and visionaries of the DLC. These members take a leadership role in making a tangible, wide-spread impact on the College.

Executive** - $2,000/year ($166.67/month) Represents the next tier of leadership for the DLC and provides valuable guidance to the College and the DLC through their experience and commitment.

Founding Member** - $1,895/year ($157.92/month) As the first class of DLC members, anyone who contributes at this level or higher will receive recognition as a DLC Founding Member and as a member of UTA's 1895 Giving Society, the University's leadership annual giving society.

Partner - $1,000/year ($83.33/month) Represents the development base of the DLC. The Partner pledge of $1,000 signifies a substantial commitment to the College and its mission. Contributions at this level will also receive recognition as an 1895 Giving Society member.

Maverick - $500/year ($41.67/month) Donors who demonstrate their Maverick pride through a significant commitment to the DLC.

Associate - $250/year ($20.84/month) Valuable, entry-level membership of the DLC.
                    $125/year ($10.42/month) Associate membership for recent graduates.
                    $100/year ($8.33/month) For veterans, we offer a DLC Associate membership for the first five
                         years after graduation; we are proud of the example you set and your dedication and
                         commitment elevates us all.

**For 2019-2020 only, anyone who contributes $1,895 or higher would also earn recognition as a Founding Member in addition to the contribution designation.

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Director and Founding Member (2019-2020 Only)
Executive and Founding Member (2019-2020 Only)
Founding Member (2019-2020 Only)
Associate Membership for Recent Graduates
Associate Membership for Veterans

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